By profession an architect I have settled well into latter part of my life in literary pursuits. I have always been interested in Greek and Eastern literature. Writing the Life of Aesop (2006) was a labor of love as is the Quatrains from the translation of Omar Khayyam. I feel a close affinity to the blessed astronomer-poet ever since I discovered I am a mystic myself. My poetry owes much to my own world view,- and as much as mysticism has to slough off much of the externals that nationalities, culture or religion entail on man I have not let these influence me in appreciating Omar Khayyam.

In man’s direct knowledge and being in union with the Maker where deep calls to the deep ticking of time is as irrelevant as language. It is such union that I have tried to celebrate in the Quatrains in which Edward Fitzgerald is point of departure. But then art and poetry must submit to discipline if it has to communicate with others. Thus I have adopted the mode of Rubaiyat to convey my ideas.

By birth I am an Indian and Dutch citizen and for all that I consider myself a citizen of the world.



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  1. At the moment I can’t get back to that post to see response but communicate my gmail. I would like to guest post you- 5 water colors your choice on a Wednesday guest post. If interested I would need 1. gravatar 2. 3-5 sentence bio, 3. 5 pics. these 7 items each as jpeg.

    Also you may promote your work and leave a link to your store selling items perhaps something as jpeg too. Hope you choose to participate and have my followers visit your blog. I get nothing out of it but as retired school teacher I have always promoted others and my blog also expands our network of people that appreciate art/cartoons. Are graphic novel yours too? Perhaps sample to replace one water color. Regards. dagostino07@gmail.com

  2. bennythomas says:

    Sure.I appreciate your gesture. For the next wednesday.

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