A New Quatrain: The Ever Present One

Run not after the hubbub of the mob:

Heed they not the Presence, that is the rub.

Seek they instead paradise of their own

From which whatever they may freely grab.

Irony of those who dare not live NOW but wait for future bliss is that they are heading for failure. If your choice now has been faulty what guarantee you have in one to come? Besides apathy to enjoy the Presence shall work against you.

Bliss of the paradise is not in material objects pleasure garden, virgins etc., but the pure bliss is from your trust in the Presence that is same Here and now and also Hereafter. The divine One has no need for a material form to make his will implemented. His angels, his prophets are at his service. He has infinite agencies including human agency to make the earth a pleasure garden. Where does your service come in this?

If the One has promised the bliss and you have understood it in the imagery of pleasure garden where is it? How have you worked the ever present to make a garden of delights for you and your loved one? Despite the Presence that has endowed you with knowledge, strength of hands and given friendship of fellow laborers to make the earth a pleasure garden why seek a paradise to come? Are you not trying to escape your responsibility of Here and now?

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Analysis of Quatrain #38 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

I repent the dream I lost in Time’s womb;

Perchance Life hides from me a dream to plumb:

Not satiated with the dream to come

Nor what on my skull in cipher writ: Tomb.

Every life as an idea. It traces its presence from birth to death and is an idea and it fits with the material universe. This idea is part of infinite Idea. so is life of man part of Life. Each of us as an idea is part of One or Presence the godhead. It is a dream and it signifies the individual, reality of it begins with birth.

The dream clothed with a material form is dream lost in Time’s womb. Each of us has thus lost an idyllic existence that in Christian theology is Adamic innocence.

The fall from Innocence to quote Milton’s poem is Paradise Lost. Living on the east of Eden we look to regain the Paradise. Does not the idea each represents (drawn from Life of divine presence) make the idea of regaining lost Paradise a worthwhile hope?


The latter half of the quatrain rephrases the idea expressed in the other half. Dream of life for each of us is an uneasy existence tossed between hope and dissolution of our physical bodies. It is eternal hope in conflict with what is on every ‘skull in cipher writ’.

The demands that our bodies make on each are in inverse proportion in terms of clarity, to the idea we carry within.

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Omar Khayyam Illustration-pen drawing/


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New illustrated version of the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam by Benny Thomas

Omar Khayyam Rubaiyat

BennyThomas0914Benny Thomas is an architect, author, artist, and epigramist based in the Netherlands. For several years he has been working on a new English version, with illustrations, of quatrains from the Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam. This work has now been published in a variety of forms. There is an e-book with illustrations, a paperback with illustrations, and a cheaper paperback without illustrations.

More details on the e-book are available on http://www.lulu.com/shop/benny-thomas/the-illustrated-omar-khayyam/ebook/product-21799421.html, with links to the other formats. All formats contain some 260 quatrains, plus a foreword by Prof. Mehdi Aminrazavi, the author of The Wine of Wisdom. There is also an introduction by the author explaining his approach to Khayyam’s verses.

As the foreword concludes ‘For those interested in a mystical reading of Khayyām’s quatrains, this collection of poems provides an invaluable insight.’ There is further information about the translation and illustrations on Benny Thomas’ blog https://omarikhayyamdotcom.wordpress.com/

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Quatrain: Feast of Life

 asked me to your feast

but punish me if
 i enjoy myself

what tyranny is this?-Rumi

You say ‘Touch not, Taste not, it must be so.’

Life has spread this feast: why must it be so

That I deny what Love has bidden free

Or taste any under some proviso?


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Rubaiyat: Love the Ever Present

why be a worshiper of the dead
/think of me as present 
/come and make up now-Rumi

The world would rather make up with the dead

By fulsome praises cover they their deed.

Why be a worshiper of the dead, Love?

In your arms I feel all the more reviv’d.

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Analysis of Quatrain #255 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The tree kiss’d the Sun with ten thousand eyes 

And in thousand fraction I see through leaves:

How in vain sects limit the Perfect One

With creeds and narrow sense rob his essence?


The leaves are the eyes which like human eye receives light from the sun. Every leaf serves the whole to assist in photosynthesis. Often the gaps in the foliage act as a film and for the observer looking at the Sun, the impression he gets can be likened to several Suns (‘in thousand fraction’) seeing simultaneously. Between serrated or smooth edges of leaves the Sun is not following the contour of the gap. Man who sees the Sun through foliage fails to notice the Sun that is far above  and unhampered as man is because of the tree. Sects limiting the divine One with creed and dogma are like an observer who assumes the sun through the medium of a tree. IMG_1490   Here is  a suggestion: The Illustrated Omar Khayyam will make a perfect Xmas gift. It has fine poetry and 51 illustrations in water colour. It is something every family can cherish as a family heirloom to be passed on to following generations. Show your recipients how you value them by sending a copy now before the rush.

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