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Rubā‘iyyāt – 2014 is live!

Notice: My book is available with Amazon on Kindle. It is available on Apple i, books, Google Play, Kobo  as well. In a couple of days Barnes&Nobles and Bibliotheca are expected to make available.  There are all the quatrains , … Continue reading

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Past and Present : A Rubai’yat

Roses, crushed roses in runlets fallen Ghosts of past,- and nothing of attar remain; Tears run unabashed along fair cheeks Dipped from an inkwell of heart that is plain. benny

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The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The book is now marketed through Amazon.com. Both paperback and kindle version are available. Benny

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Analysis of the Key Quatrain:the Sun /The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

“Aeons are wink of time at the center,- The Sun, the keystone holds right through the sphere; Entwin’d pillars of fire alternate where Day and Night stoke all- knowing soul its fire.” The divine One whose presence was,is and will … Continue reading

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A New Quatrain: The Ever Present One

Run not after the hubbub of the mob: Heed they not the Presence, that is the rub. Seek they instead paradise of their own From which whatever they may freely grab. Irony of those who dare not live NOW but … Continue reading

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Analysis of Quatrain #38 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

I repent the dream I lost in Time’s womb; Perchance Life hides from me a dream to plumb: Not satiated with the dream to come Nor what on my skull in cipher writ: Tomb. Every life as an idea. It … Continue reading

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Omar Khayyam Illustration-pen drawing/

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