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Analysis of Quatrain #255 The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The tree kiss’d the Sun with ten thousand eyes  And in thousand fraction I see through leaves: How in vain sects limit the Perfect One With creeds and narrow sense rob his essence? Analysis: The leaves are the eyes which … Continue reading

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The Illustrated Omar Khayyam- religion and soul

My aim in composing the book on Omar Khayyam was threefold: Firstly put the Big Picture in the poetic form of quatrains as done by the astronomer-poet. The same questions Omar Khaiyyam asked in his time have not changed. How … Continue reading

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A Quatrain analysed from Book VI

Book- VI The Tavern “In this goblet of wine tears of all dead Come to surface each sad thought left unsaid: Among knots of men I sit alone with drink And memories sink to the depths like lead.” Why do … Continue reading

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Quatrain #23: death by design

(sorry. the quatrain has been withdrawn. The amended version can be read in my book. http://www.lulu.com/shop/benny-thomas/rubāiyyāt-2014/paperback/product-21805897.html Illustrated paper back and ebook http://www.lulu.com/shop/benny-thomas/the-illustrated-omar-khayyam/paperback/product-21799136.html       http://www.lulu.com/shop/benny-thomas/the-illustrated-omar-khayyam/ebook/product-21799421.html

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Rubaiyat #40 Days of Wine and Roses

You know, my friends, how long since in my house For a  new marriage I did make carouse: Divorced old barren Reason from my bed, And took the Daughter of Vine to spouse. (Edward Fitzgerald translation-first edition) The illustration has … Continue reading

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Rubaiyat#20 Oh, For the cup of oblivion!

Ah, my beloved, fill the cup that clears Today of past regrets and future fears- Tomorrow?-why tomorrow I may be Myself with yesterday’s sev’n thousand years. (Edward Fitzgerald translation)

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Rubaiyat#100 Yon Rising Moon Witnesseth

Yon rising moon that looks for us again- How oft hereafter will she wax and wane; How oft hereafter rising look for us Through this same garden-and for one in vain! (Edward Fitzgerald translation-fifth edition)

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