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Rubā‘iyyāt – 2014 is live!

Notice: My book is available with Amazon on Kindle. It is available on Apple i, books, Google Play, Kobo  as well. In a couple of days Barnes&Nobles and Bibliotheca are expected to make available.  There are all the quatrains , … Continue reading

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Past and Present : A Rubai’yat

Roses, crushed roses in runlets fallen Ghosts of past,- and nothing of attar remain; Tears run unabashed along fair cheeks Dipped from an inkwell of heart that is plain. benny

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The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The book is now marketed through Amazon.com. Both paperback and kindle version are available. Benny

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Omar Khayyam Illustration-pen drawing/

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Rubaiyat: Love the Ever Present

why be a worshiper of the dead
/think of me as present 
/come and make up now-Rumi The world would rather make up with the dead By fulsome praises cover they their deed. Why be a worshiper of the dead, Love? … Continue reading

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Rubaiyat: Unknown World /known world

Which world do you think define your true worth? Think that the world you held as your cocoon Cannot keep its spell or make itself known? Unknown are the moths that pillage and gorge When they moult wings and flutter … Continue reading

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Quatrain# 110 Eternal Light

Quatrain#110 Primus inter Pares Aeternum From that primeval depth the broth murmurs ‘Oh live and learn but not from these vapors. As to why life ascends upward seeking, Or for light eternal, first ride the hearse!’ benny

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