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The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

The second edition of the Illustrated Omar Khayyam is available. No change in the contents nor in the quality.  Who are interested to read my version can directly approach my press www. lulu.com and order. This second edition is priced … Continue reading

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Analysis of the Key Quatrain:the Sun /The Illustrated Omar Khayyam

“Aeons are wink of time at the center,- The Sun, the keystone holds right through the sphere; Entwin’d pillars of fire alternate where Day and Night stoke all- knowing soul its fire.” The divine One whose presence was,is and will … Continue reading

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The Illustrated Omar Khayyam- religion and soul

My aim in composing the book on Omar Khayyam was threefold: Firstly put the Big Picture in the poetic form of quatrains as done by the astronomer-poet. The same questions Omar Khaiyyam asked in his time have not changed. How … Continue reading

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A Quatrain analysed from Book VI

Book- VI The Tavern “In this goblet of wine tears of all dead Come to surface each sad thought left unsaid: Among knots of men I sit alone with drink And memories sink to the depths like lead.” Why do … Continue reading

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Rubaiyat #40 Days of Wine and Roses

You know, my friends, how long since in my house For a  new marriage I did make carouse: Divorced old barren Reason from my bed, And took the Daughter of Vine to spouse. (Edward Fitzgerald translation-first edition) The illustration has … Continue reading

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